Services to Governments

We assist governments and institutions develop long term climate strategy and manage key project activities from planning to engagement of international development banks and local financial institutions, to contract development, permitting, engineering, construction, commissioning and ongoing performance monitoring. We work from first principles and best practices to assess the long-term financial viability of CleanTech projects and their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions over time.

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CleanTech Partnerships

We work with clean technology companies who have market-ready solutions to real problems. We understand the infrastructure needs of island nations and developing countries and we work with local partners who are part of the business ecosystem to help CleanTech companies develop projects from concept though completion.

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Green Transportation

From active transportation solutions, to electric vehicle infrastructure and hybrid-electric heavy-duty vehicles, we can assess the climate impact of projects and work with governments, civil society and solution providers to import technologies that meet local needs. We have worked with dozens of fuel distributors and bio-fuel producers, air carriers and maritime transportation operators to assess and reduce their carbon footprints. We are able to help air carriers meet new compliance requirements under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) and we are closely following the development of the International Maritime Organization’s (IMO) rules for reducing carbon emissions from shipping so that we can help transportation companies be leaders in their markets.

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Put Two Decades of CleanTech and Climate Expertise to Work for You…

Our CEO has been working in the CleanTech space since before the term existed. He has worked with dozens of the companies funded by Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), the largest CleanTech funding organization in the country, and several other funding partners to assess the market and environmental impacts of their technologies.

This depth of experience gives us the knowledge to understand when technologies are ready for prime time and which technologies best meet the needs of specific countries or regions. It also helps us understand how to successfully integrate them for long-term success into markets where they can address real problems.

We are experts at communicating with local constituencies, be they municipalities, utilities, institutions, civil society or the general public. If you need tools such as social media campaigns, public workshops, stakeholder engagement meetings or web content development, we have the experience to create meaningful dialog with communities. We know how to promote success stories to motivate people to reduce GHG emissions, Our work is based on solid climate science and a mastery of information technologies and communication tools.

Call Us, We Can Help…

Whether you need advice on identifying the right technologies to address the real problems of your company, institution or government, or you have a market-ready technology that you want to sell to new customers to help reduce GHG emissions and mitigate climate risks, we’re here to help.

CleanTech projects will not just address environmental imperatives, they will also have the best long-term financial returns in almost all cases…

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