Developing Climate Action Plans

Do you have a national, sub-national or local government GHG emissions inventory? If not, we can prepare one. If you do, then we can help you develop an action plan to reduce your emissions while improving the quality of life for your citizens. We’ll identify the information gaps and introduce you to a range of technology options that fit your local circumstances. We’ll help you engage with citizens to address their needs and build your capacity to make better decisions for them, then we’ll analyse a range of the best project options to deal with the real problems and challenges that have been identified.

Developing CleanTech Projects

When it come to projects, proper integration with the local economy and environment is critical to success. It’s not enough to do this in the short term, but projects have to fit the long term needs of your communities. We work from first principles and best practices to assess the long-term financial viability of projects and their environmental performance over time. From planning to engagement of international development banks and local financial institutions, to contract development, permitting, engineering, construction and commissioning, we can assist you to fill in the gaps in your project development process. We will work with the key service providers in your local business ecosystem, because we recognize that they will be critical to project success.

Closing the


A single project is never an end point, but a building block for future successes. If it has been planned and executed properly, other actions and projects will emerge. Good jobs that add value to the economy and the environment will have been created and these in turn will create further project opportunities. Our ambition is to be an integral part of this process over the long term. We hope that our vision can be aligned with yours and that our work can continue serving your communities well into the future…

A Partner You Can Trust

CleanTech projects will not just address environmental imperatives, they will also have the best long-term financial returns in almost all cases…

Call Us, We’re Here to Help…

If you need climate planning or mitigation advice, or help to identify the right market-ready technologies to address the real problems of your government or institution, we’re here to help. Once prospective projects have been identified, we can assist you from start to finish in managing the planning, permitting, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning and performance monitoring phases.